This is about a family  and  it’s art. It’s about stories related to that art. It’s about encouraging other whwo might not have paoitngs or ever thought of buyin one, to connect to art though story.

Mike Rubbo, encouraged by the Manly Art Gallery, decided to put this blog together  to promote the idea  of Family Art Stories. the concept will be launched, April 12th, 2008 2pm.  at the Manly Art gallery.

Mike is mainly a film maker though he paints sometimes. He is married to Katya Korolkevich Rubbo, also a painter and teacher.  They have a daughter,  Ellen, 15. Mike learned to love blogging  in 2007 by doing a blog for his friend, Olive Riley. At 108, Olive is the oldest blogger in the world. www,allaboutolive.com.au

Telling Olive’s story through the blog, and seeing the wondneful reaction from around the world,  convinces Mike again that story, if not everything, is almost everything.


  1. Just wanted to stop by and say Hi, i visited olive’s site as well some time back. You have a wonder concept here i will be watching best of luck with it all.

  2. Hello, What a lovely idea! I too am an artist-oil mostly,
    (as are all of my four children)but am excited to be starting work with egg tempera soon.
    My oldest is a musician, and has done work in oils,
    My second oldest mixes music in wonderful and often very funny ways, and draws. My oldest daughter is a fantastic wild graphic, and mixed media artist, and my youngest daughter, an Anime artist, who whips out perfect, and amazingly varied pictures, and creates and sews costumes and doll clothes.
    My parents passed very young, but I remember my father had a talent for drawing, and photography.
    It’s something to contemplate how talent runs in families. We also have a distant uncle who was a concert violenist, etc.. I really like this idea you have, and hope to someday emulate it. Best to you and yours,

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